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Why are Slots so popular?

Walk into a casino and you would find innumerable people at the slots. Not many of them are gamblers. In reality, most people who are hooked to slots are first timers or even regulars at the casino but they donít have a gambling problem. Anyone who tells you that a slot machine would be addictive and may lead you to lose all your money is simply too obsessed with serial gambling instead of just trying out some luck once in a while.

Slots are without a doubt one of the most popular casino games. Some may say that slots are the most popular. Without raging a war against poker, blackjack, craps or even bingo, let us delve into the reasons why the slot machine is such a popular hotspot in any casino.

Little/No Effort, Big Rewards

Slots require little effort, that too if you factor in the gentle movement of your arm to insert the coin and initiate the spin. Despite requiring no effort or even the slightest tinkering of the brain, the rewards are huge. There are slots in various casinos that can wind up with a bonus of millions. Gambling, at its very basic level, is a game of luck. Poker, blackjack and many other games have become a little complicated for most people. Bluffing, judging and all that counting donít suit everyone. A slot machine in comparison is a much easier gateway to riches.

Less to Risk/Lose

A typical slot machine even in the most luxurious casinos would not pinch the wallet of an average guest. There are very few slots that become demanding. Most people have a budget of a few hundred bucks at the most to spend in a casino. Slots are popular since they offer numerous attempts with that money. A game of poker or other games against the house or other players will cost more money.

No House, No Players

Slots donít have any intervention of the house. There is no dealer. There are no players that one has to compete with. In a way, the players feel in complete control of the slot machine. Although the house does choose the winning combination, the slot machine will work according to the rules of the house but there is no active intervention of dealers, other players or the house as an entity.

Slots often cater to our belief system. People may shun the idea in public but almost everyone on the planet believes in luck, a superior power or some kind of manifestation of that power. Slots tend to satiate that belief system.

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